Oushak – 37985

Design No.:37985
Status:In Stock
Color:Camel / Light Blue
Construction:Hand Knotted

7'7" x 11'2"


The Oushak rug is named after its place of origin, the city of Usak in Turkey. The production of the Oushak rug began during the period of the Ottoman Empire. The reemergence of the Oushak during the 20th Century brought about a shift in the original design of the Oushak categorized by a more Persian design such as floral patterns which had not been reminiscent of prior Oushak designs. Oushaks are notable for their silky quality and lustrous wool. Oushaks are relatively light in color, typically consisting of brighter hues like cinnamon, gold and light blue. Oushaks are known for their grand designs which consist of smaller allover medallions and scattered sprays of vinescroll and palmettes. Oushaks have remained one of the most popular rugs amongst rug connoisseurs to this day.

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