Hereke – 40414

Design No.:Hereke - 40414
Status:Out of Stock
Color:Ivory / Ivory
Construction:Hand Knotted

9'0" x 12'0"


Antique Hereke rugs represent the ultimate in finesse and delicacy within the antique Turkish rug production of the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Inspired by the court carpets of Safavid Iran and Ottoman Turkey, the Hereke workshops maintained a gold standard of design and weaving technique, above all in their silk rugs, which truly preserved the opulent splendor of the classical past. They are very decorative antique rugs suited well for today’s design market.

Antique Hereke rugs are elegant, distinguished and enduring design pieces. It’s estimated that even smaller Hereke rugs have taken weavers one year to complete. These magnificent rugs use the finest materials and the most exquisite patterns. Their familiar Persianate designs, Kufic accents, medallions and prayer-rug formats represent the elegant style and exceptional quality that imperial powers sponsored and popularized.